Century, located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a brick and mortar store who in 2014 century celebrated 25 years of history and experience in retail, providing design products for countless customers. century offers a distinctive collection of watches, bags, wallets and jewelry for men and women, as well as, items for the home, and a selection of items to enhance your lifestyle.

Click on any product image or a navigation link to view the selection of items curated for you here at our web store, centuryshopper.com. because most of our retail business is done between july and august, it makes it difficult to maintain inventory all year long for our new web store. we hope very soon our web store will be able to provide you with everything our store has to offer. if you ever see something in the store, or you see it in social media, but you don't see it here, always call, fax or email. If we have it, we will be thrilled to ship it.

our shipping charge for one item is $10 across the entire website with a few exceptions. Next to those oversized items, you will see a revised shipping cost. For two or more items (not including the oversized) the shipping charge is $15. Like many of the big box retailers we often ship in recycled boxes, we hope you approve.